The Veggie Table

paneer tikka at veggie table

 Welcome to Veggie Table at Love Bite with Vickie’s Cafe

  • At Veggie Table, we’re passionate about creating delectable vegetarian dishes that burst with flavors and showcase the best of plant-based cuisine. Our menu is a journey through a world of taste, where fresh ingredients and creative combinations take center stage.
  • At Veggie Table, we’re dedicated to crafting memorable dining experiences for our vegetarian and vegan patrons. We invite you to savor the flavors of nature with every bite and discover the joy of plant-based dining. Join us today at Love Bite with Vickie’s Cafe for a culinary adventure you won’t soon forget.

Palak Paneer

palak paneer in veggie table

Mutteer Paneer

mutter paneer in veggie table

Paneer Butter Masala

paneer butter masala in veggie table
mix veg in veggie table

Mix Veg (Veggie Table)

  • “With our recipe for Mix Veg, discover the universe of vegetables. a vibrant assortment of garden-fresh vegetables that have been perfectly prepared in flavorful spices.
  • “With  recipe for Masala Brinjal, discover a tasty twist. Discover how to make a delicious spice mixture using brinjal that is sure to tempt your taste buds. Today, give it a try.
masala brinjal in veggie table

Masala Brinjal( Plant-Based Foods)

dum alu in veggie table

Dum Aalu

Chole ( Veggie Table )

  • “Splurge at our cafe while you explore the delicious and varied world of Chole. Taste the tradition today!”
  • “Taste Dum Aalu at our cafe and enjoy the delicious flavors. Discover the allure of slow-cooked potatoes that are flavored with flavorful spices and served with a dash of creamy richness. 
daal fry in veggie table

Daal Fry ( Gardern Foods )

chick peas in veggie table

Chick Peas Curry( Veggie's)

mushroom pulao

Mushroom Pulao(Veggie Table)

“Indulge in the rich and earthy flavors of our signature Mushroom Pulao, expertly crafted at Vickie’s Cafe.

Soyabean Pulao

  • A wholesome, vegetarian delight that’s perfect for both soybean enthusiasts and food connoisseurs alike. Come savor this delightful creation today!”
indian veg pulao

Indian Veg Pulao

  • “Indulge in the authentic flavors of India with our exquisite Indian Veg Pulao at Vickie’s Cafe.
  • “Join us for a taste of India that transcends borders, right here in the heart of Bangalore .”
tawa roti in veggie table

Tawa Roti

  • “Our Tawa Roti, which is skilfully made to perfection, will give you a taste of the warmth and authenticity of Indian cuisine.
  • Savor the soft, freshly cooked flatbread that complements your favorite curries.

Tandoori Roti

  • Vickie’s Cafe is proud of their Tandoor Roti, which is meticulously baked in a traditional clay oven to provide a delicious, slightly crispy texture.
  • A perfect accompaniment to our flavorful dishes, discover the essence of Indian bread like never before.”

Butter Naan

  • Enjoy the seductive appeal of our Butter Naan at Veggie Table. Taste the legacy and wealth in every bite.